The SC1 control and display modules are  designed for general OEM control applications such as process machine  control and commercial appliance control.  The control modules are  factory firmware programmed micro-computer based control boards that  perform user required logic, timing and general control functions using  both analog and digital inputs.  These base units can be one of several  stock hardware configurations available from Stellar or can be a custom  configuration to suit an OEM’s particular requirements.  The base unit may be used stand-alone or with the available display unit or with a PC via a USB adapter.            

The display unit is an intelligent one-quarter VGA (320x240) touch screen  display that serves as the interface between the user and the control  board in applications where operator interaction with the control system is desired.  A unique feature of the display is its ability to be  custom configured by the user to provide the buttons, readouts,  pictures, etc. appropriate to the application.

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Modular Customizable Building Blocks for OEM Control Applications

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